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Frankfurt 2007 - Pencil tower - Frankfurt motor show - september 11th 2007

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Frankfurt 2007 - Pencil tower

Frankfurt is the only city in Germany that has anything even resembling a skyline and has some of the tallest buildings in Europe.
Frankfurt has developed a distinctive skyline since the early 1990's and has been nicknamed "Mainhattan" ever since. (As it is situated at the River Main)
The first 'skyscraper' was completed in 1990. It measures 257 meters and counts 63 stories.
Is sited next to the entrance of the famous trade fair grounds of the city - the Frankfurt Messe - and the tower functions as a kind of a main gate to this site.
Officially named the 'Messeturm', it was nicknamed 'Bleistift' (pencil, because of its shape) and it was the tallest building in Europe until the Commerzabank Tower was built, also in Frankfurt. The 'Messeturm' is maybe the most important landmark in Frankfurt, but it has since been joined by several more.

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