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1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV - Day 2 - august 24th 2008, Kaaien Antwerpen

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1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV

The 'Continental' badge was first introduced in 1939 and designated high-end lincoln models.

But for the 1956 MY, Ford intended to launch a car that would be the best the world had ever seen. It was to be a high-class luxury, limited available exclusive car.For that purpose, the Continental badge was taken from the Lincoln and was revived as a separate Ford brand in 1955. The Mark II was launced under the Continental brand for 1956 and continued almost unchanged for the 1957 season. It was a unique design with the highest quality control ever seen in the automobile industry. The Continental for was one of the most expensive cars in the world. With a cost of $10,000, it rivaled Rolls-Royce. But despite its astronomical price tag, Ford Motor Company actually lost money on each one sold.

As for the 1958 MY, the Continental brand was dissolved. But in an attempt to retain some of the cachet of the Mark II, Lincoln named its top-of-the-line 1958 model the Continental Mark III. This differed from the lower-model full-size Lincolns only in trim level and in its roof treatment, featuring a reverse-angle power rear "breezeway" window that retracted down behind the back seat. After the 1958 Mark III came the 1959 Continental Mark IV and the 1960 Continental Mark V in a similar way. These cars featured no Lincoln designations at all, but only prominent Continental badges - leaving the perception they were Continentals instead of Lincolns.

The model shown is a 1959 Lincoln Continental Mark IV. The only reference to the Lincoln brand to be found on the car is the Lincoln logo on the center of the rear bumper.

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