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1968 Buick Riviera sport coupe - Day 1 - august 23th 2008, Kaaien Antwerpen

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1968 Buick Riviera sport coupe

Once upon a time... American car manufacturers used to split their lineup into 4 major types: mid-size, full-size, full-size luxury and personal luxury. In contrast to the full-size luxury - which was dedicated to chauffeur-driven active executives - the personal luxury aimed for the market of retired couples with financial capacity. The concept was simple: a huge coupe featuring a big engine. Examples of the personal luxury were the Oldsmobile Toronado (1966), the Cadillac Eldorado (1967) and of course the Buick Riviera.

The first generation Riviera was launched for the 1963 MY and lasted to the 1965 MY. The Riviera name however was not new for 1963. Buick used the Riviera badge already since 1949 as a surname for their pillarless hardtop-coupes.

The second generation Riviera was launched for 1966 - together with the all new Oldsmobile Toronado. But unlike the front-wheel drived Toronado, the Riviera continued it's traditional rear-wheel drive.

This example marks the 1968 MY and thus belongs to the second generation (MY1966-1970). It has a 7.2 litre engine boosting a whopping 370 horsepower. Giving it the ability to spin the wheels and burn some (lots of) rubber. But then again: A retired couple would not do this. Or not?

For sure, Ma Baker would!

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